V6 Technology Sdn. Bhd.

V6 Technology is an IT system integration, professional service and software development company based in Malaysia.

Our Specialities

Information Systems

Software Design & Development

We excel in designing and developing custom-fit solutions for your company — from tailor-made ERP, CRM, CMS to fit the exact requirements of your business, to seamless integration with other third-party service providers that you may subscribe.

Managed “Iaas”

Running your systems with professional infrastructure in carrier-neutral data centers. Multiple redundancies, hot failover and backup on standby ensure nearly zero downtime. Enjoy the flexibility to increase and resize your environments — from virtual server instances, bare metals to flexible cloud solutions with no commitment.

Call Center Deployment & Management

We provide hardware recommendation, network optimization, telcos recommendation and configuration consultancy services. From choosing your telcos to configuring your call routing. We improve your customers experience reaching your sales and support team.

Creative Design & Marketing

Web & Graphic Design

As more and more businesses shift online, we handle your online and offline marketing and promotional needs. From developing a website, to designing banners, brochures and promotional videos.

Online & Offline Marketing Strategy

With your information systems in place, we analyse your needs and goals to maximise your competitive advantage by integrating them into your catered marketing strategy.

Public Relations & Advertising

We help to craft content for your business and marketing needs. We ensure the content and tone of voice are catered to the needed circumstances for the most effective delivery.